Technical Articles

Racing Doc. No
The End of the Season; Grand American (1,430k) 0104
Beefing Up Your Power for DIY'ers Doc. No
ROCK YOUR BOX! Upgrading to a T56 (2566) 1107SC
Manual Transmissions, Transaxles Doc. No
Tips on Diagnosing and Repairing Manual Transmissions (609k)PART I 0392
Tips on Diagnosing and Repairing Manual Transmissions (888k) PART II 0592
Manual Transmission Diagnostics (153k) 0907
Advanced Manual Transmission Diagnostics (107k) 1007
Diagnosing noises in Manual Transmissions (115k) 1107
Solving Common Noise problems in Manual Transmissions (144k) 0808
How to determine gear ratios (580k) 0792
Gear Ratio Relations (519k) 0506
Drive Chains: Overview and Understanding (314k) 1199
Drive Chains: Troubleshooting (648k) 1104
Gears: Inspecting (454k) 0300
Gear Technology; An Understanding (592k) 0802
Shift Control Mechanisms (322k) 0399
Six Speed Solutions (373k) 0504
Ratios and Drivability (629k) 0796
Design and Operation of Dual-clutch Transmissions (160k) 0708
Chrysler Manual Transaxles (678k) 0892
Chrysler AWD for Minivans (555k) PART I 0698
Chrysler 'AS Body' AWD for Minivans (529k) PART I I 0798
Operation of gear train and synchronizers (543k) 1092
Understanding Synchronizers (1,240k)PART I 0894
Understanding Synchronizers (646k)PART II 0901
Understanding Synchronization (633k) 0705
The Science of Synchronization (323k) 1099
Synchronization, A Study in Timing (464k) 0903
Synchronization, Mastering the Mysteries (664k) 0604
New Venture Gear Transmissions (645k) 0493
New Venture 1500 (NV1500) Transmissions (1,009k) 0196
New Venture 3550 (NV3550) Transmissions (481k) 1201
New Venture 4500 (NV4500) Transmissions (405k) 0597
New Venture 4500 (NV4500): 5th Gear Problems (315k) 0299
New Venture 4500 (NV4500): Mainshaft (257k) 1200
New Venture A578 Transaxle (1,127k) 0899
FM145, FM146 Series Transmission in Ford, Mitsubishi and Dodge (981k) 0593
Isuzu 76MM Transaxle (561k) 0793
New Process 2500  Light Truck Transmission (651k) 1093
New Process 2500 (New Venture 535); Diagnosing (372k) 0602
Ford Truck Transmissions: Identifications (566k) 0293
Ford 5-Speed Truck Transmission (595k) 0992
Ford 5-Speed Medium Duty (FS4005, FS3005) Transmission (874k) 0295
Ford M5 Transmission (610k) 1193
Ford M5R4 Transmission (642k) 1102
Identifying GM Manual Transmissions (1024k) 0407
Asian Manual Transmissions in GM Cars (2273k) 0707
GM Muncie 282 Transaxle (793k) 1293
GM H290 (5LM60) Transmission (648k) 0393
GM H290 (5LM60) Transmission (1,116k) 0395
GM H290, 5LM60, NV3500; Differences in Design (1,127k) 1198
Nissan Maxima 5 Speed Transmission (RS5F50A) (646k) 0194
Peugeot BA 10/5 5 Speed Transmission found in Jeep (590k) 0594
Tremec T-56: Differences between units (437k) 0702
Tremec T-56: Everything you wanted to know (783k) 1205
Tremec T-45: Reverse Gear Failures (1,410k) 0603
Tremec Transmissions for Mustang (1,357k) 1202
Tremec TKO Series (300k) 0304
Tremec 3650 Five-Speed (166k) 0807
Tremec 6060 Six-Speed (202k) 0208
Borg Warner T-56: Overview (1,100k) 0694
Borg Warner T-56: Repair (632k) 0795
Borg Warner T-56 (Corvette) (322k) 1000
Borg Warner T-45 (670k) 0396
Borg Warner T-45: A Look Inside the Transmission (431k) 1298
Ford Probe 5-Speed Transmissions (609k) 1094
Spicer Medium Duty Transmissions (1,141k) 0595
Mitsubishi KM200 Series Transaxle (1,193k) 0695
Mitsubishi KM 160-180 Series Transaxle: Troubleshooting (1,188k) 1095
Mitsubishi KM 160-180 Series Transaxle: Mechanical Review (453k) 0797
Mitsubishi V5MT1 Truck Transmission (434k) 0697
Mitsubishi All Wheel Drive Transaxles (451k) 1096
Possible Causes of Noise in the Transmission (851k) 1295
Diagnosing Shift Problems (1337k) 0607
Aisin AX5, AX15 5-Speed Transmission (363k) 1196b
Toyota Manual Transmissions; Identifying (664k) 0601
Toyota E53 Manual Transaxle (489k) 1297
ZF Parking Brake Assembly Problems (1,396k) 0704
ZF 6 Speed Transmissions (602k) 1002
ZF 6 Speed Truck Transmissions (288k) 0406
ZF S5-42 Transmission (652k) 0199
ZF S5-60 (Corvette) Transmission (433k) 0600
ZF S6-650 Transmission (291k) 0201
ZF S6-650 Transmission; A look inside (303k) 0202
ZF Heavy Duty Transmissions (278k) 0499
Transfer Cases Doc. No
Top 15 Tech Calls on Transfer Cases (570k) 1006
Transfer Case Identification Guide (2300k) 0302G
Diagnosing Transfer Case Problems (1688k) 1106
Diagnosis of Electronic 'Active' Transfer Cases (114k) 1207
4WD Systems; How They Work (922k) 0706
AWD Transfer Cases; Problems with Dynamic Emissions Testing (409k) 0803
Transfer Cases; Breaking the Code on Encoders (507k) 0206
Transfer Cases; Problems Resulting from Tire Size (459k) 1004
Transfer Cases and Tires; What you Don't Know (977k) 0605
Electronic Diagnosis of GM Transfer Cases (135k) 0608
New Process/New Venture  242 (906k) 0294
New Process/ New Venture 249 (625k) 0692
New Process/ New Venture 249, Understanding (466k) 0801
GM Electric-Shift Transfer Cases: Understanding (1,216k) 0496
GM K-Truck Front Drive Axles (386k) 1299
New Venture Gear; What's New? (542k) 0204
New Venture Gear Transfer Cases (1,370k) 0904
New Venture NV233 Troubleshooting (410k) 0398
New Venture NV226 (577k) PART I 0103
New Venture NV226 (821k) PART II 0203
New Venture NV243 (306k) PART I 0100
New Venture NV243 (464k) PART II 0200
New Venture NV244 GEN II (650k) 0906
New Venture NV244 GEN II (258k) 0408
New Venture NVG245 (180k) 1108
New Venture NV246 (424k) 1204
New Venture NV246; Tricks (610k) 0905
New Venture 261 and 263 (1090k) 0307
New Venture NV271 (683k) 0599
New Venture NV247 (416k) 1001
Electronic Transfer Cases (1,044k) 0193
Ford Transfer Cases (613k) 0403
Dana TC28 Transfer Case (562k) 0994
Dana TC28 (Ford Aerostar AWD Electronics) (390k) 0699
Borg Warner Transfer Cases; Identifying (688k) 0405
Borg Warner Transfer Cases; Identifying (162k) 0908
Borg Warner Interactive Torque Management System (402k) 0305
Borg Warner 4472 AWD Transfer Case (424k) 1296
Borg Warner 4482 Transfer Case (145k) 1208
Borg Warner TOD Transfer Case (444k) 0297
Borg Warner 4405 Transfer Case (599k) 0298
Borg Warner 4405 Diagnosing (1240k) 0902G
Borg Warner 4405 Electronic Diagnoses (869k) 0501
Borg Warner 4411(2,654k) 0503
Borg Warner 4411(152k) 0508
Mitsubishi Montero Activ Trac 4WD System (796k) 1197
Clutches Doc. No
Clutch Technology (639k) 1203
Clutch Technology; Advancing (569k) 0505
Hydraulic clutch problems (800k) 1192
Essential Clutch Repair (724k) 0502
Clutch replacement in manual transmissions (1,079k) 1292
A Quality Clutch Repair (1,344k) 0898
Advanced Clutch Diagnostics (291k) 0804
Differentials Doc. No
GM IFS Front Drive Axles (174k) 1008
GM K Series; Differentials and Front Drive Axles (401k) 0306
Changes in Differential Technology (1,163k) 1206
New Technology in Ring and Pinion Gears (1,541k) 0507
Diagnosing Differential Problems (1,234k) 0896
How Tire Size Effects Differentials (416k) 0897
Differential Service (325k) 0998
Installing and Setting up a Ring and Pinion Set (541k) 1098
Lubrication Doc. No
Quick Lube Guide (295k) 0800
Some Lubrication Related Problems (428k) 0102
Selecting the Proper Lubrication (726) 1003
For the Professional Technician/  Rebuilder Doc. No
Transmission Repair: Performance Equals Profits (1100k) 0502G
Transmission Repair: Tips and Tricks for Diagnoses (494k) PART I 0302
Transmission Repair: Tips and Tricks for Diagnoses (910k) PART II 0402
Transmission Repair: Comebacks (Root Issue) (652k) 0606
Transmission Repair: Risk and Reward (581k) 0693
Transmission Repair: Before Making Modifications (309k) 0701
Transmission Repair: Uncommon Comebacks (1,162k) 0993
Transmission Repair; The Blame Game (964k) 0394
Transmission Repair: Selling your Work (574k) 1194
Transmission Repair: Determining Transmission Type (9234k) 1294
Transmission Repair: Managing the Work (363k) 0997
Transmission Repair: Proper Internal Inspection (286k) 1097
Transmission Repair; The Hardest Part (474k) 0498
Transmission Repair; Why We Do it (345k) 0598
Transmission Repair: In the Real World (1,083k) 0696
Transmission Repair: The Future of Stick Shifts (377k) 0400
Transmission Repair: Standard Transmission Outlook (408k) 0902
Transmission Repair: Mysterious Complaints on Chrysler (411k) 1196a
Transmission Repair: New Transmission Technology (474k) 0806
Transmission Repair: Steps on Solving Difficult Problems (591k) 0205
Transmission Repair: Think Before You Pull It (1148k) 0903G
Transmission Repair: Before Pulling the Transmission (376k) 0999
Transmission Repair: Look at the Whole Picture (495k) 0500
Transmission Repair: Related Parts (467k) 0805
Transmission Repair: Determining the Root Cause (1119k) 0207
Transmission Repair: Performance Units (697k) 0900
Transmission Repair: Looking back on 2005 (499k) 0106
Tires, Liability and Dynamic Emissions Testing (306k) 1100
Math for Mechanics (692k) 1005
Positioning your Shop for the Future (1,074k) 0195
Balancing Time and Money (610k) 0303
Sales, Training and Servicing Gear Boxes (1,149k) 0995
Investing in Training and Education (308k) 0401
Recruiting Technicians (348k) 0996
Purchasing:  Parts (1,101k) 0794
Purchasing: Buying Smart (320k) 0397
Purchasing: The Importance of Buying Quality (502k) 0198
Pricing: Markup vs. Margin (522k) 0700
Pricing: Making Money (466k) 0404
Core-Handling Practices (97k) 0308
Prospering in a Difficult Business Environment, 2007 (1302k) 0107
Prospering in a Difficult Business Environment, 2008 (104k) 0108
Message after September 11, 2001 (504k) 1101