Thanks Rockland Standard Gear

Another happy customer writes us:

Decided mid week that since SCCA was only running Sunday that I’d go to Summit Point for NASA race on Saturday. Ran within 4 tenths of my best lap there, won class was 2nd overall to a Corvette making 2x my horsepower so I was pleased. Loaded for home, another 5 hours of sleep, then off to PittRace. Ran my best lap there in morning practice 1:01.6, good enough for pole in the race, was leading and pulling away when a lower ball joint snapped in T3 went for a little ride but made it back to pit lane. Towed me to garage, I had parts to fix, thrashed made race 2 started in the back, led lap 1 and lapped the field — still a nice little comeback.

Thanks Rockland Standard Gear!


Pit Race