My Purchase Review for Caren Hunt

We've received a very kind testimonial from a customer regarding our support specialist Caren Hunt:

To whom ever may be concerned,

I called Caren at Rockland Standard Gear while I was trying to complete a rather complex transmission conversion needed for a project. After calling about 13 shops (just short of calling Tremec themselves) who were not interested or were not equipped to help me out. Most of these are local shops with hefty reputations for their quality performance LSx swaps/builds. It is no exaggeration to say that by the time I called Caren I was quite frustrated and discouraged. The very first words out of her mouth were "well why don't you just start by telling me what you're trying to do?"

If you take a few moments and do a quick web search for what all is involved in converting my corvette T56 to being used in a typical RWD LSx swap application you will likely think that the project is impossible based on the mere fact that every forum (except one guy on LS1tech) claims it cannot be done. The moment the words came out my mouth, Caren knew exactly what I was trying to do and could list off the top of her head what parts were necessary, but had a recommendation for one of their remanufactured race ready units that was built similarly to gearing spec I preferred in the T56. Caren was also extremely diligent with her communications with me about the progress of my order.

I flat out told Caren that the only reason I decided to spend the extra money on buying a unit from RSGear is because of how she took care of me and considered my build plans. I realize that RSGear probably bills clients for $3,000 invoices on a regular daily basis, but I hope that a future prospective buyer would read the following:

"I have seen plenty of guys who buy their car parts and automatically assume that women know nothing about cars, but please call RSGear and ask for Caren and be prepared to have a whirlwind of PROPER information bestowed upon you."

Perri Minot

Implementation Consultant
RouteMatch Software